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Olivia Florence

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Who am I?

I'm Olivia Florence, a passionate advocate for transformative experiences, with a focus on somatic and psychedelic therapies. Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, I was inspired by the diverse cultures and societal challenges, fuelling my interest in understanding the connections between our minds, communities, and natural environments.

In my extensive mental health career, I've facilitated interventions, conducted research, and explored innovative coping strategies in our ever-changing world. My main goal is to promote neurological shifts and foster a sense of belonging by finding meaning in our individual experiences.

During my academic journey, I completed an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology, with a Masters in Clinical Psychology enhancing my understanding of the human experience. As a co-founder of The Psychedelic Research Society at The University of Sussex, I facilitated weekly talks and workshops to share knowledge about psychedelics.

Currently, I actively contribute to both the social health sector and private sector, managing welfare tents at festivals, guiding vulnerable individuals through their psychedelic journeys and working with adolescents with substance misuse issues using psychotherapeutic interventions.

My mission is to empower individuals to create positive change not only in their own lives but also in the lives of those around them. I am committed to contributing to a world where personal growth and communal well-being go hand in hand.

Expressions & Experiences

Event: Psychedelic Yoga & Breathwork

📅 2024-07-05

It's time to get high on your own supply! This workshop will be inviting an opening of the body and psyche to discover the realms available when we expand ourselves beyond the day to day experience of life.

We will be bringing together our understanding and experience of the incredible powers of yoga & breathwork, to discover how these ancient practices can be utilised in a busy world. We will tune into deeper domains and open, release and empower ourselves to transform aspect of our lives that have become stuck, dull or contracted toward freedom, vitality and growth.

Expect yogic movement, expansive breathwork, yoga nidra and a space to share in community.

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5 July 2024, 18h30

Event: Love and Grief in the Shadow of Psychedelic Narcissism

Online Event with Iain McGilchrist, Laura Northrup, Brian Anderson, Daan Keiman and Mikaela dela Myco

📅 2024-05-23

Following the remarkable impact of "Love and Grief in the Shadow of War" we are thrilled to unveil the next installment in the "Love and Grief"series. Join us on May 23rd as we delve into a topic that has significantly impacted the psychedelic realm, an issue increasingly coming to light - psychedelic narcissism.

Dr Rosalind Watts welcomes Iain McGilchrist, Laura Northrup, Brian Anderson, Daan Keimanand Mikaela dela Myco to spark a dialogue on the complexities of psychedelic narcissism, exploring its cultural underpinnings, different manifestations, and pathways to recovery. Olivia Florence will be facilitating a space for open dialogue and reflections on the talks.

To reserve your seat to this special event, use the following link:

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23 May 2024

Event: Psychedelic Integration Circle

with Brighton Psychedelics

📅 2024-04-21

Are you looking for a safe space in which to integrate a psychedelic experience? Have you been struggling to make sense of a psychedelic experience or had a difficult trip?


Event: Psychedelic Yoga Workshop

📅 2024-04-17

Join us for a unique 'Psychedelic Yoga’ experience. The word psychedelic is derived from the Greek words ψυχή, psychḗ, 'soul, mind' and δηλείν, dēleín, “to manifest”. In other words, it means "mind manifesting” and refers to any process that has the ability to awaken the most beautiful and creative corners of the human brain. This workshop is designed to explore the senses and integrate body and psyche. We are stuck in a fragmented society that hinders our path to wholeness, but through the power of community it is always possible to find positive ways to understand, empower and transform ourselves. Through evidence-based breathwork techniques, yogic movement, music and the comfort of others, we can shine a light on our deepest personal and collective values, experiences and dreams. Following the yogic practice there will be space to share your insights and experiences in a sharing circle. Psychedelic Yoga provides a safe space to support and be supported.

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17 April 2024

Event: Love and Grief in the Shadow of War with Dr Gabor Maté, Natalie Lyla Ginsberg, Sima Basel, Sulaiman Khatib and Dr Rosalind Watts

📅 2024-02-14

Join us for an evening of shared grief and love on Valentine’s Day 2024 with Dr. Gabor Maté, Natalie Lyla Ginsberg, Sima Basel, Sulaiman Khatib, Dr. Rosalind Watts. Experience the power of vulnerability and communal support in exploring the intertwining of heartbreak, care, and our longing for connection. Olivia Florence will be co-facilitating this event.

Where: Online
When: 2024-02-14

To reserve your seat to this special event, use the following link:

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14 February 2024

Beyond the Veil

How Psychedelics are Reshaping Depression Treatment

Olivia Florence
📅 2023-08-24

The world is currently grappling with a critical spike in mental illness, with depression ranking among the most burdensome social and medical challenges. Affecting approximately 15% of the general population at least once during their lifetime, depression has become a pressing global concern. Over the last decade the UK's need for prescription antidepressants has more than doubled and the demand is starting to exceed the supply (NHS Digital, 2017). The exact cause of depression is not known or fully understood. Conventional approaches to treating depression, such as antidepressant medications and psychotherapy, have faced limitations in providing long-lasting relief. However, the psychedelic renaissance is upon us, challenging the status quo and igniting a profound shift in our understanding and approach to mental health treatment.


From Dust to Dreams

Unraveling the Social Fabric of Burning Man

Olivia Florence
📅 2023-08-17

Countries all over the world, particularly the United Kingdom and the United States, have experienced a boom in music festivals (Packer, 2011). Music festivals have throughout history been seen as transformative experiences, with festivals such as Woodstock claiming to be the height of Americas 1960's counter-culture movement (Rojek, 2014).


Embracing the Paradox

Navigating Healing in a Chaotic World

Olivia Florence
📅 2023-07-13

I often contemplate the concept of 'healing' and what it truly means. Does healing involve reversing the damage caused by wounds, or is it about accepting and embracing those wounds as a part of ourselves? The idea of healing can be abstract and confusing, especially in today's world where we are bombarded with countless ways to 'heal'. It suddenly seems as if the world does care about deep-seated trauma, unregulated emotions and the psychological shackles of a production driven society. Maybe, it's just found a way to commodify it.


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