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Event: Psychedelic Yoga Workshop

📅 2024-04-17

Join us for a unique 'Psychedelic Yoga’ experience. The word psychedelic is derived from the Greek words ψυχή, psychḗ, 'soul, mind' and δηλείν, dēleín, “to manifest”. In other words, it means "mind manifesting” and refers to any process that has the ability to awaken the most beautiful and creative corners of the human brain. This workshop is designed to explore the senses and integrate body and psyche. We are stuck in a fragmented society that hinders our path to wholeness, but through the power of community it is always possible to find positive ways to understand, empower and transform ourselves. Through evidence-based breathwork techniques, yogic movement, music and the comfort of others, we can shine a light on our deepest personal and collective values, experiences and dreams. Following the yogic practice there will be space to share your insights and experiences in a sharing circle. Psychedelic Yoga provides a safe space to support and be supported.

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17 April 2024


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